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Interfaith Alliance Celebrates President Obama’s Rejection of Anti-Muslim Bigotry in Final State of the Union

Washington – Following President Obama’s final State of the Union address, in which he made a strong call for a new politics and powerfully rejected anti-Muslim bigotry, Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“The president made a powerful call tonight for a new politics, one that rejects bigotry, hatred and division. He demonstrated that commitment to a politics of inclusion tonight by rejecting anti-Muslim bigotry and standing for religious freedom. It is incumbent upon each of us to answer the President’s call to ensure that the legacy endures and the state of our first freedom remains strong."

Rabbi Jack Moline: A Country Based on Religious Discrimination Is a Poor Excuse for America

WASHINGTON – In response to recent proposals to block Muslims from immigrating to the United States, Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“A country that discriminates against individuals on the basis of their faith would be a poor excuse for America. Rooting our nation’s immigration policy in religious bigotry and discrimination will not make America great again.”

Interfaith Alliance Thanks President Obama for Rejecting the Demonization of the American Muslim Community in His Oval Office Address

Washington, D.C. – Following President Obama’s oval office address to the American people, Interfaith Alliance Executive Director Rabbi Jack Moline praised the President for providing a path forward and for rejecting the continued demonization of the Muslim community.  

“President Obama delivered an important message to the American people tonight. He made clear the serious threat we face from violent extremism and he laid out a path to face those who threaten us. Equally important was the President’s willingness to tell the American people that Islam itself is not the threat. I have been proud to work with members of the American Muslim community who work day in and day out to combat violent extremism. As the President said, they are an important part of the fight against terrorism.”

“Sadly, far too many of our political leaders have chosen to demonize the Muslim community to score cheap political points. Their words only serve as a recruitment tool to our enemies. Interfaith Alliance stands with the President in believing the way through this crisis is to embrace our values of religious freedom, inclusion and engagement, not abandon them"

Rabbi Jack Moline Says “Prayer Without Action is Just Noise” In Wake of San Bernardino Shooting

WASHINGTON – Following the tragic shooting in San Bernardino, California, Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“It’s time for a moratorium on thoughts and prayers. From everyone.

“I am a person of faith. I have spent my entire adult life as a member of the clergy. I have an intensely personal relationship with the God in whom I believe. I pray every day. And here is what I know: praying after the fact for something preventable is an affront to God and humanity.

“The perpetrators of the tragedy in San Bernardino and Savannah yesterday have one thing in common with other such tragedies for which ‘thoughts and prayers’ have been offered, including by me. It is not any of these things: religion, race, ethnicity, zip code, economic status, party affiliation, mental health, age, wealth, educational opportunity, employment, or knowledge of the Constitution. The one thing?

“It is guns. Guns, guns, guns.

“All sorts of Americans are proclaiming that we have to stop pretending there is no problem with a particular community or a particular health care issue or a particular ideology. Ladies and gentlemen, stop pretending there is no problem with guns. Guns, guns, guns.

“My tradition teaches that prayer without action is just noise. Not a one of the faith communities in this country believes that prayer is magic – some sort of incantation that will reverse the order of the universe, let alone manipulate an omnipotent God. Prayer works only if it softens the hardened heart and opens it to the message of healing and justice that flows through Scripture. Prayer works only if it leads to contrition and repentance. Prayer works only if it is not an excuse for self-justification.

“A few months ago, on the holiest day of my Jewish tradition, I was among people of all ages to spend the entire day in thoughts and prayers. But before we uttered a single word, we were admonished by the words of rabbis who taught two millennia ago: a person who says, 'I will sin and then repent, I will sin and then repent has no power to repent.'

“The problem is guns. Guns, guns, guns.

“And the answer not thoughts and prayers. From anyone.”