Our Affiliates & Partners

From the very start, our affiliate network has been a key component of Interfaith Alliance’s work. Interfaith Alliance works with 15 local affiliates in such states as Iowa, Colorado, Wyoming, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida to mobilize and resource coalitions of clergy and lay leaders, advocates, activists, and allies, trusting that local leaders know best the needs of their communities.

Now is the time for community and state organizations to network together to build both local and national power. Explore the map below or click here to view a list of our affiliates.

Join Our Network

Whether you are an existing organization or an informal group of activists, we want to support and empower you with resources, policy expertise, and convenings to build bridges across religious differences to protect our democracy.

Our affiliates often take on policy issues that fall outside the national office’s scope. Their positions and programmatic work do not necessarily reflect the views of the national office.