ELECTION 2022: Christian Nationalism on the ballot

Interfaith Alliance is dedicated to working side-by-side with folks from every political and religious background to mobilize against Christian nationalism. Together, we will work relentlessly to advance our shared vision for an America that values religious freedom, affirms our shared humanity, and allows all people to flourish.

Take the Pledge to Vote Your Values

Our vote is powerful. But in these 2022 midterms, there is a clear and concerted effort underway by the Religious Right and their allies to distort the meaning of religious freedom. Sign the pledge to reject Christian nationalism, to turn out to vote in support of an inclusive vision of religious freedom.


Christian Nationalism (n.)

Christian nationalism is a cultural framework that conflates American identity with an exclusive form of religious identity. Rooted in the myth that we were founded as a Christian nation and therefore enjoy special favor by God, supporters seek a fusion of religious and civil life – to the detriment of both. Christian nationalism incorporates anti-democratic notions of white supremacy, nativism, patriarchy, and authoritarianism.

Our Concise Introduction to Christian Nationalism lays out everything you need to know about the dangerous and growing Christian nationalism movement. You’ll have the straight-talk information you need to start a conversation with friends and family before heading to the polls.

Social Media is one way that we can raise our voices together. We’ve developed a social media toolkit to help get you started.

Join the conversation and stand up against Christian Nationalism.

With a historic election approaching, every eligible voter should be able to exercise their right at the ballot box. Help us make sure every voice is heard – safely and securely – by getting #VoteReady for the 2022 election season.

Capitol Hill Briefing: Christian Nationalism is on the Ballot in 2022

YouTube video

Hosted in partnership with Congressman Jamie Raskin’s office, speakers included Wajahat Ali, author of Fear, Inc. and Go Back to Where You Came From and Other Helpful Recommendations on Becoming American; voting rights advocate Tayhlor ColemanConnie Ryan, executive director of Interfaith Alliance of Iowa; and Rev. Dr. Richard Cizik, president of Evangelicals for Democracy.


Host Paul Raushenbush speaks with Interfaith Alliance leaders and activists about the midterm elections and what is happening in their local communities. Learn how people of faith and no faith are fighting Christian Nationalism in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Upstate New York. 


Host Paul Raushenbush interviews Andrew Whitehead, Sabrina Dent, Reshma Saujani and Skye Perryman on how to go on the offensive against Christian Nationalism and the efforts to control our minds, bodies and spirits.

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