Fighting Islamophobia in Peter King’s home state

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On March 6, Interfaith Alliance of Long Island co-sponsored, along with a number of other groups, the "I am a Muslim Too" rally on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan. One of our members, Habeeb Ahmed, helped organize the event, and our chapter was well-represented at the rally.

On Sunday, March 13, we were featured as co-sponsors with Pax Christi and the Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives as Pax Christi awarded the Peace Maker awards to Seemi and Habeeb Ahmed, two of our members. The event took place at the Islamic Center of Long Island (in Rep. King's district) and was well-attended by local officials including Westbury Mayor Peter Cavallaro.

We were also involved in a number of other events this month: On April 3, we co-sponsored, along with Islamic Center of Long Island, "What is Sharia Law?" an educational program conducted by several prominent imams to explain exactly what is and what is not Sharia law. This was held at the Islamic Center of Long Island. On April 9, we joined as co-sponsors for the New York City rally against war and Islamophobia in Union Square in Manhattan. Finally, on April 10, I was the keynote speaker at the Nassau County Executive's Leadership Luncheon and addressed the issue of Islamophobia and religious liberty. For more information, go to