Washington, DC – On this weekend’s “State of Belief,” The Interfaith Alliance Foundation’s show on Air America Radio, Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy examines the influence of evangelical Christians within the Department of Defense.  Last week, six senior Pentagon officials were reprimanded for wearing their uniforms when they gave testimonials on a video by a group called Christian Embassy.  Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, tells Rev. Gaddy that evangelical Christian organizations have established groups at each of the U.S. military’s nearly 400 bases around the globe.  Weinstein uses the term “Pentecostalgon” to describe the headquarters of the Department of Defense.

Also on the show: Professor Peggy Levitt, author of God Needs No Passport: Immigrants and the Changing American Religious Landscape on the role of religion in the current immigration debate.

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