Democracy is in the Balance

This Election Season, Mobilize with Interfaith Alliance.

The 2024 election will be deeply consequential for the health of democracy in the United States. Interfaith Alliance is equipping communities and faith leaders across the country with tools and opportunities to fight Christian nationalism, protect our elections, and further our vision of inclusive democracy through nonpartisan action.


How Will You Protect Our Democracy?

Help Your Community Register to Vote.

Every eligible American should be able to participate in this crucial election. Help register your community to vote through Interfaith Alliance’s virtual portal.

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Volunteer to Protect the Vote.

Accessible and secure elections are a hallmark of a functioning democracy. Every American can play a role in ensuring that this election season is free of voter suppression and intimidation. Interfaith Alliance is proud to partner with Common Cause to ensure that people of diverse faiths and beliefs can do our part and protect the vote. Sign up to work the election protection hotline or become a poll monitor with Interfaith Alliance.

Serve Your Community as a Poll Chaplain.

As trusted members of the community, faith leaders have a vital role to play in protecting our elections. The United States is currently facing unprecedented polarization, but faith leaders have the power to bring people together across lines of difference and serve as trusted messengers. Interfaith Alliance is proud to join Faiths United to Save Democracy in training faith leaders from across the country in election preparedness and de-escalation techniques. Join Interfaith Alliance and Faiths United to Save Democracy’s efforts to protect the election and become a poll chaplain today.

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Request a Training with Interfaith Alliance.

Democracy is in the balance. With Christian nationalism on the rise and its adherents and sympathizers campaigning for public office, the 2024 election will be one of the most consequential in our nation’s history. The results of these elections will determine the future of key issue areas including church-state separation, LGTBQ+ equality, voting rights, fighting hate and discrimination, supporting public education, and reproductive justice.

This election year, Interfaith Alliance is showing up virtually and in-person to support communities on the front lines of the fight against Christian nationalism. Request an Election Year Mobilization Training today and equip your community with the language and resources needed to protect our democracy.

Faith voices and congregations have a unique role to play in raising awareness about Christian nationalism and strengthening and supporting our democratic processes in the lead-up to the 2024 election. Our Democracy is in the Balance training will equip participants to: 

  • Identify how Christian nationalist rhetoric is showing up in this election year.
  • Create clear and convincing election-year messaging and identify messengers to mobilize diverse faith communities. 
  • Understand ways in which faith communities and faith leaders can responsibly engage in advocacy and nonpartisan election-year activities, including voter registration efforts, serving as a poll chaplain or poll watcher, and getting out the vote.
Coming Soon: Request our Training

Get. Out. The. Vote.

For the first time in our 30-year history, Interfaith Alliance will be offering volunteers the opportunity to text voters directly and ensure they are informed and ready to vote this election season. Stay tuned to learn more about our nonpartisan text banking program, which will launch as we approach early voting in October.