Interfaith Alliance Calls on Supreme Court to Rule for Marriage Equality

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WASHINGTON – Following today’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court in Obergefell v. Hodges – in which Interfaith Alliance joined 25 religious organizations in an amicus brief urging the court to overturn state same-sex marriage bans – Rabbi Jack Moline, executive director of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“People of faith and good conscience across the country have spoken – the time for full marriage equality is now. It is my hope and expectation that, following today’s arguments, the Supreme Court will soon validate that growing consensus. Ensuring marriage equality across the country would be a landmark victory, not only for civil rights but for religious freedom as well. Every day, clergy of all kinds solemnize wedding ceremonies for opposite-sex and same-sex couples alike. Some of those ceremonies are given full legal recognition, while others are denied equal status. This inequality is the result of the blatantly unconstitutional establishment of religious doctrine as law. Our government must end this discrimination and uphold the civil rights of all Americans.

“While I am eager for the Supreme Court to rule, the decision will be only the beginning. Every faith community will adhere to its unique understanding of marriage, sexuality and spirituality within its fellowship. But every American must join in support of equal rights and religious liberty. Marriage equality is no threat to religious freedom – the real threat to the First Amendment comes from those who would seek to use their beliefs as weapons against the rights of others. As we await the Court’s final word on the law, we can begin that essential campaign to open minds and hearts to the rights of all.”