November 7, 2023

Tom Fazzini, West End Strategy Team; 202-505-1210

Interfaith Alliance: Today’s Election Results are a Win for True Religious Freedom, Democracy

WASHINGTON — Interfaith Alliance, a national group that advocates for inclusive democracy and healthy boundaries between religion and government, reacted to today’s election results by celebrating the rejection of a Christian nationalist agenda in both Ohio and Virginia. Voters in Ohio affirmed Issue 1, enshrining abortion access in the state constitution. In Virginia, the statehouse election results indicate voters’ rejection of LGBTQ+ discrimination and severe limits on abortion.

In response to the election results, Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, president and CEO of Interfaith Alliance said:

“Today voters spoke loud and clear by rejecting an extreme Christian nationalist agenda that aims to strip away rights, and instead voted for true religious freedom.

“In Virginia, a bellwether for our nation in 2024, the statehouse election vote shows how voters stood up for reproductive justice and protected kids from religious extremists who co-opt faith to hijack our education system by banning books, attacking religious minorities in the classroom, and denying rights to LGBTQ+ students.

“In Ohio, voters stood up for true religious freedom by affirming Issue 1 and defeating efforts by Christian nationalists to weaponize faith and take away reproductive freedom. Across faith and place, voters took a strong stand for the ideal that all people have the right to make personal health care decisions led by their own beliefs and circumstances.

“In both states, voters made clear that regardless of party or faith, decisions about one’s reproductive health should not be made by the government.

“As we turn our sights to the incredibly consequential 2024 election, we will continue speaking out and building a strong interfaith coalition to achieve America’s promise of religious freedom, civil rights, and inclusive democracy for all.”

Interfaith Alliance is a network of people of diverse faiths and beliefs from across the country working together to build a resilient democracy and fulfill America’s promise of religious freedom and civil rights not just for some, but for all. We mobilize powerful coalitions to challenge Christian nationalism and religious extremism, while fostering a better understanding of the healthy boundaries between religion and government. We advocate at all levels of government for an equitable and just America where the freedoms of belief and religious practice are protected, and where all persons are treated with dignity and have the opportunity to thrive. For more information visit