Interfaith Alliance Responds to Senate Confirmation of Jeff Sessions

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Following the Senate confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline issued the following statement:

“Jeff Sessions did nothing during his confirmation hearing to assure us that he will be an Attorney General for all Americans. As a Senator, he built a divisive track record of opposing voting rights, hate crimes prevention, religious freedom and civil rights protections. We fear that he will work to advance a far-right agenda as the nation’s highest law enforcement official.

“During his confirmation hearing, Sessions suggested that ‘secular’ attorneys in the Justice Department are less qualified than religious ones at assessing ‘truth.’ This troubling and unconstitutional support for a religious test for office is consistent with his support for President Trump’s Muslim ban and dismissal of church-state separation as ‘unhistorical and unconstitutional.’

“Interfaith Alliance will carefully monitor the Justice Department under Sessions’ leadership and defend the gains we have made as a nation in recent years. The American people expect and demand an Attorney General who will defend equal rights and freedoms for all.”