At LEADD, students learn about the history of religious freedom in America, as well as current public policy, legislative and legal issues regarding religious freedom.  They develop leadership skills in conflict resolution and advocacy.  Our most recent LEADD program, in Oklahoma City, involved the help of the OKC Gurdwara, Jewish Federation, Oklahoma City University, the Respect Diversity Foundation, the First Christian Church and, of course, Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma City.  We look to build partnerships like this in each community in which LEADD finds itself, to support the LEADDers after the program and to help them continue their advocacy for religious freedom and diversity.
Our first LEADD program in 2010 will take place in Warwick, NY on the weekend of May 21st – 23rd, drawing students (LEADDers) from grades 9-12 from the greater New York City area. (If you’re from the area and would like to apply, please visit the LEADD website.) We are also looking at a fall program in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, with other groups interested in hosting LEADD programs in Colorado, Boston and Austin, TX.  Contact to discuss hosting a LEADD program in your area.