Washington, January 20 — “State of Belief,” the new, much talked about Air America Radio show on religion and politics, announces a terrific show for Sunday, January 22, building on the great success of the first show. This Sunday’s State of Belief features interviews with Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Paul Hackett, US Senate candidate from Ohio. Leahy tells host Welton Gaddy that Judge Samuel Alito is only the second Supreme Court nominee he has opposed in 32 years in the Senate. Senators who supported Alito from the start and declined to ask Alito tough questions didn?t serve their country well, Leahy says. “I don’t go to church to get my politics anymore than I elect politicians to give me my religion,” Hackett says. And Gaddy explains, “I?m doing this radio show because I want to hold up an attractive alternative to the Religious Right. I want to provide information and tools for action for all interested in working together for the good of all people regardless of their posture toward religion. In my vision, State of Belief, is, at least in part, to promote the proper role of religion in the nation, and thus, to prevent the Religious Right from hijacking religion and stealing our nation.” Activist Sarah Eltantawi offers a compelling commentary on how the progressive Muslim movement is working with other progressive religious groups in America. And a student from Georgia explains how religion and politics intersected in her life — in this case, in her biology classroom.

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