MONROE, LA – Yesterday Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal issued an Executive Order to unilaterally enact many provisions of the so-called Marriage and Conscience Protection Act, which died in committee earlier in the day. In response to this action, Rev. Welton Gaddy, the president emeritus of Interfaith Alliance and the senior pastor at Northminster Baptist Church in Monroe, LA released the following statement:

“Governor Jindal has proven once again that he values his national political ambitions more than his duty to protect the religious freedom and civil rights of all Louisianans. This Executive Order reflects a dangerous and misguided understanding of religious freedom – it seeks to pit the freedom of some against the rights of others, it allows government employees to pursue a sectarian agenda from their taxpayer funded offices, and it establishes one particular religious view on marriage and human sexuality as state law. It is, in short, exactly the type of policy the Founders sought to prevent when they drafted the First Amendment.

“Given how little this Executive Order does for Louisianans, I can only assume its true intent is to become a rallying call for the religious sectarians as Gov. Jindal prepares his campaign for president. I hope my fellow Louisianan’s will join me in insisting that while he’s still our Governor he must stop jeopardizing our rights for the sake of shoring up his political support.”


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