The classroom is one of the primary places where children develop fundamental skills, broaden their perspectives, and begin to cultivate a strong sense of self. Interfaith Alliance’s education programs aim to strengthen public schools and create spaces for students of all backgrounds to thrive.

Leadership Education Advancing Democracy and Diversity (LEADD)

Interfaith Alliance staff developed the LEADD program to fill the gap in civic education that many high school students experience. Student participants become immersed in the history of the First Amendment, particularly its Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses, and explore current policy, legislative, and legal issues regarding religious freedom.

Each program is influenced by the composition of the cohort, the unique makeup of their local community, and students’ past exposure to diverse experiences and perspectives. Explore the curriculum.

Freedom to Learn, Freedom to Thrive

According to recent studies, bullying and harassment affect around 20% of American children every year, resulting in serious academic, physical, and mental health problems. For LGBTQ+ and religious minority students, whose harassment may be disguised as the expression of religious views, those numbers are far higher.

In September 2019, Interfaith Alliance joined 55 partner organizations in issuing “Civil Rights Principles for Safe, Healthy, and Inclusive School Climates.” This comprehensive set of policy recommendations would prevent further disenfranchisement of historically marginalized students –  including students of color, students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, religious minorities, sexual assault survivors, and immigrant students, among others – and ensure that all students have the support they need to thrive. Read the report.

Public Money for Public Schools

Ensuring that every child receives a quality education is a top priority across the country. But instead of investing in high quality public schools, state and local governments are increasingly embracing funding programs that redirect taxpayer dollars away from public schools and toward private, often religious, alternatives.

These initiatives violate the separation of religion and government while stripping public school systems of much needed resources. Interfaith Alliance works to keep public dollars in public schools through the National Coalition for Public Education. Learn more.