Interfaith Alliance president Rabbi Jack Moline issued the following statement in response to the draft version of President Donald Trump’s forthcoming executive order on refugees and immigration:

“President Trump’s forthcoming executive order is a de facto Muslim ban. The United States has long prided itself as a safe bastion for refugees around the globe facing persecution and strife. President Trump is poised to trample upon that great legacy in one of his first major acts in office.

“The United States faces a variety of threats, some foreign in origin and others homegrown, and from people with a diverse range of backgrounds and ideologies. Discriminating against millions of people on the basis of their religion will do nothing to make Americans safer.

“President Trump’s proposed Muslim ban is deeply un-American, violates constitutional principles and undermines our global reputation as a nation open to people of all backgrounds. The President has begun to write a dark new chapter of American history. We will aggressively fight such religious bigotry and urge him to reverse course immediately.”

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