Protecting Our Communities During the COVID19 Outbreak

At times like this it’s easy to give in to misinformation and fear. But, as an organization committed to building resilient bonds across difference, we’re grounding our responses in our most treasured values: justice, dignity, and care for one another.

Changing the Ways We Connect

For many, willingness to adapt – where possible – can diffuse the fear and uncertainty brought on by the virus’s spread. The CDC has an abundance of resources outlining common-sense safety measures as well as answers to the most common rumors around COVID-19.

At the same time, we recognize that flexibility is a luxury. This crisis will disproportionately impact some more than others by exposing the profound inadequacies in our social safety net. If you’re able, check in with friends and loved ones who may need help and support those in need. Read a message from Interfaith Alliance president, Rabbi Jack Moline, and learn more about responding effectively in a moment of instability.

Join Us on Facebook Live for “Stay Home, Stay Focused”

As we work, learn, and try to stay busy at home, how we build and maintain connection may shift. To meet this moment, we’ve launched a new opportunity to explore the values that motivate our movement.

“Stay Home, Stay Focused” is a web series focused on issues of justice, resilience, and religious freedom.Starting on Monday, March 23rd, join us every weekday at 12:15pm EST for conversations hosted by Rabbi Moline with leaders on the front lines of issues impacting our communities. Explore past “Stay Home, Stay Focused” episodes.

Xenophobia and Racism Won’t Make Us Safer

In the midst of a public health crisis, we count on our leaders to unify the nation. But instead the White House has repeatedly amplified a false narrative that uses xenophobic language to incite suspicion and, in some cases, violence against Asian-Americans and immigrant communities.

On March 11, 2020, Interfaith Alliance joined over 260 civil rights organizations in urging Congress to call for unity and take action against xenophobic responses to the current outbreak. Led by the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, read the letters to House and Senate leadership.

Learn more about our work to combat hate.