What’s at Stake?
No one can separate their faith and values from the decisions they make about public life. We don’t do it as voters, and we shouldn’t expect our elected officials to do it either. But this nation is composed of so many different faiths – and so many people who don’t claim any faith at all – that it’s not right for one particular religious belief to be codified into law.

Just One Example …
Beginning next school year, students in Louisiana will learn about intelligent design in their science classrooms. Ignoring the objections of mainstream science educators, the Louisiana Legislature passed a law that will allow ID to be taught in science class alongside the theory of evolution. A prominent conservative Christian viewpoint on the Earth’s origins is now part of the law of the state of Louisiana.

That’s just one example. Can you think of others? Leave a comment below with your story.

What Can I Do?
Look for a candidate who pledges to make laws that respect all faiths and protect religious liberty for everyone.