What’s at Stake?
Lawmakers bring their personal faiths and values with them when they take office, but the law is meant to be religion-neutral, not an extension of any one religious position. What if a politician’s personal faith and values conflict with what’s written in the law books? Citizens need to know that their elected officials will not let personal religious belief override their civic duties.

Just One Example…
When John F. Kennedy ran for president in 1960, many people worried that Kennedy would experience a “conflict of interest” between his allegiance to the Vatican and his duty to the American people. In a now-famous speech to a group of Christian ministers in Houston, Kennedy told them that he would resign from office if his duties of office came into conflict with his faith.

That’s just one example. Can you think of others? Leave a comment below with your story or post a video response.

What Can I Do?
Ask a candidate if he or she envisions a scenario where religious and legal duties would conflict, and what the plan of action would be.