eyeonelectionIn the last election political candidates on both sides of the aisle misused religion as a political tool to garner votes and donations…and sadly, many candidates in the upcoming elections are doing exactly the same thing. Indeed, in races up and down the ballot – for federal, state and local offices – many candidates are jumping at the opportunity to exploit religious language and imagery to advance their campaigns.

America’s political process can be divisive, and never more so than when candidates use the language of faith to advance their own partisan interests, or when they seek to marginalize religious minorities and emphasize their beliefs as the only truth. Rhetoric like that does great harm to both the American political system and American religious life…and so, preserving the boundary between religion and government is more vital than ever.

We must keep a watchful eye on candidates in races around the country – and from across the political spectrum – and hold them accountable for any abuse of religion on the campaign trail…and here’s how you can help.

We need our members to help us serve as watchdogs, to be our eyes and ears all over the country. You know better than anyone else the issues in your own community, and you are best attuned to the campaigns unfolding in your backyard. If you’re aware of any misuse of religion or religious tenets for the sake of political gain – whether by candidates or campaign representatives – please let us know by filling out our “Eye on the Election” form below. We will be holding candidates accountable straight through Election Day – we’re not backing down – so please don’t hesitate to pass on any concerns about the elections you’re following.

  • Please include quotes, dates and places if possible.