WASHINGTON – Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the Bible in an attempt to rationalize the administration’s controversial policy of separating immigrant families. Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, responded to the attorney general’s comments in a statement:

“The perversion of scripture today to attempt to justify unjust immigration policies by Attorney General Sessions is another example of this administration’s misuse of religion to score political points. Apparently, the significance of religious and non-religious individuals and organizations – including people like Franklin Graham who often zealously defend the administration regardless of facts – is lost on the administration.

“Religion can be and is a force for good in many lives. The United States is at its best when its governmental bodies remain secular while respecting all faiths and practices and refusing to use religion as a wedge to divide people. However, this administration’s repeated misuse of religion and perversion of religious freedom damages endangers the stability and very fabric of our democracy.”

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