In her statement to the press after the vote, Connie said:

The Court’s ruling shows Iowa is a place that celebrates fairness and equality for all Iowans. It upholds the spirit of Iowa’s constitution which clearly states each of us has the right to equal protection and recognition under the law. The Court’s decision creates the path for Marriage Equality for All Families in Iowa, including Iowa’s loving and committed families headed by gay and lesbian couples who only wish the simple but profound act of uniting in civil marriage, thus sharing in the same rights and protections as their straight friends and neighbors.

Interfaith Alliance of Iowa’s entry point into this conversation bridges the civil and religious dialogue. This decision is about civil marriage and ensuring the law is dispensed equally to all people. However, given it is the name of religion that is most often invoked by the opponents as arguments against marriage equality, people of faith who support marriage equality have a particular responsibility to speak out publicly. People of faith who believe in equality and fairness and justice must be heard and given equal time in the public debate.

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