Statement of Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy On Senator Dole’s “Godless” Ad

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Washington, DC – Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy issued the following statement in response to a new TV ad from Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) disparaging law abiding Americans who choose not to have God in their lives:

“Elizabeth Dole should be ashamed of her self for authorizing an ad that denigrates a huge segment of law abiding Americans. Religious freedom, as guaranteed in our constitution, gives every person the right to choose what faith to follow or to follow no faith at all. More importantly, and most important in this hotly-contested election, choosing not to embrace faith does not disqualify a person from participating in the political process.”

“Senator Dole’s add asks what Kay Hagan promised the Godless American PAC in exchange for their support. Is Senator Dole prepared to answer the same question about the more then $1.5 million she has received in PAC money during the 2008 cycle? (source: My hope is that both Ms. Hagan and Senator Dole have promised all of their supporters that they will vigorously defend the right of every American to choose or reject faith and to worship… or not. Such action is integral to the promise to defend the constitution made by every member of Congress.”