A Sincere Thank You to Working Assets/Credo Members!

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Working Assets/CREDO – a national phone and credit card provider – gives its members an easy way to help further the causes of charities in the United States just by using its services to do everyday tasks such as making phone calls and using a credit card. Working Assets/CREDO donates one percent of its members’ monthly phone charges and 10 cents per credit card transaction – at no additional cost – to a special fund that is later disbursed among selected nonprofits working to better the world. Throughout the year, members help determine how the annual donation fund is distributed among the selected charities. Since its inception in 1985, Working Assets/CREDO members have helped raise and distribute over $70 million to worthy nonprofits around the country.

Thanks to your votes and to the wonderful generosity of Working Assets/CREDO, our voice to protect religious freedom – America’s first freedom – is receiving a big boost!

Visit Credo online for more information on its services and giving opportunities, as well as for the complete listing of the 2011 grant recipients. If you’re a member, be sure to cast your vote on the 2012 donations ballot.