The President’s Dangerous Rhetoric Must Stop

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September 30, 2020

Manisha Sunil, West End Strategy Team; Phone: 202-417-0171

Interfaith Alliance: The President’s Dangerous Rhetoric Must Stop

WASHINGTON — Following the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joseph Biden, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, raised alarm about the dangerous hat tip from the president to armed white supremacists:

We are on the cusp of the most consequential election in our history – one that will determine the moral arc of this nation for generations.

“Amid the aggressive interruptions, ranting and insults during last night’s debate, the president of the United States again returned to rhetoric that has already cost lives over the past four years. When presented with the opportunity, Trump refused to condemn white supremacy, instead telling armed white supremacists to ‘stand by’ and saying that someone has to do something about his political opponents.

“Trump’s proclivity for spreading hate and fear is emboldening groups across the country and endangering us all. Those motivated to violence by hatred are granted increasingly explicit permission in the halls of power and encouraged in the echo chambers of social media. By scapegoating minorities and denigrating political opponents, he sets citizen against citizen and betrays the very essence of America.

“White supremacy and Christian nationalism are intimately intertwined. There is a tragic precedent of white nationalists targeting houses of worship, in particular Black churches, synagogues, and mosques, to carry out their violent manifestos and inspire widespread fear. There can be no freedom of religion when people worship in fear of violence. We must hear from both candidates about how they will combat white supremacy and how they will protect religious freedom for those of all faiths and none.

If you are interested in speaking further with Rabbi Moline, please contact Manisha Sunil at or (202) 417-0171.