“The Upcoming Election Will Be The Most Important One Of Our Lifetimes”

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If we have heard it once during an election cycle, no doubt, we have heard it every election cycle: the upcoming election will be the most important one of our lifetimes.

There is no doubt that the upcoming midterms will be an important one. And in fact, that old adage may ring true: the 2022 midterm elections will be another great test for our democracy. This is because the 2020 election showed that every election will be contested, and no matter what happens some Americans will not believe the outcome—and could resort to previously unbelievable measures to contest those results.

And while President Trump is no longer in office, Trumpism is alive and well: on the local level we are seeing outrage over critical race theory and gender theory supposedly being taught in schools, we’re seeing statewide candidates run outwardly as Christian nationalists, and then of course, there is everything happening at the federal level.

So much attention has been paid to the recent Supreme Court decisions and the January 6th hearings—and there are two themes that appear to run throughout both: the continued dismantling of our democracy, and Christian nationalism influencing this dismemberment. Eroding the Establishment Clause, dismantling the EPA (setting the precedent for dismantling more government agencies), and doing everything in one’s power to try to overturn an election—all this and more start to make one fear what the next great January 6th-esque test of our democracy might be.

While each of us might be tired of that old adage about the utmost importance of whatever upcoming election is on the calendar, this much is clear: we must not sit this one out. And frankly, if we want to stop playing “wack a mole” against the never-ending tide of Trumpism, we have to do more than vote: some of us are in a position to volunteer: whether it be knocking on doors for causes that we believe in, or making phone calls or writing postcards encouraging our friends and neighbors to get out and vote. We can take to the streets and make our voices heard, advocate by calling our elected officials on a regular basis, and we can have hard conversations around the dinner table and around the BBQ grill with family and friends who might not have the exact same political views that we do.

We are going through a time of transition at Interfaith Alliance, but as we continue to advocate for Americans of any religion, and those who have no religion, and continue to fight back against Christian Nationalism, this much is clear: it is going to take all of us this November to continue the fight. Sign up for our e-mail list and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to ensure that the latest tools are at your disposal this election season because we may have heard it before but once again the old adage rings true: the upcoming election will be the most important one of our lifetimes.

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