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Top Ten Moments in the Race for “Pastor-in-Chief”

10. Mitt Romney is asked if he believes “every word” of the Bible
(CNN/You Tube debate (11-28-07).

9. CNN’s Soledad O’Brien asks John Edwards to “name his greatest
(CNN/Sojourners town hall 6-26-07).

8. James Dobson tells a reporter he does not think that Fred
Thompson is a Christian

7. Barack Obama distributes a campaign flier describing himself as
a “Committed Christian” (1-21-08).

6. Hillary Clinton said we need to “inject faith into policy”
(CNN/Sojourners town hall 6-26-07).

5. Mike Huckabee explains his rise in the polls by invoking the
Biblical story of two fish and five loaves feeding a crowd of 5,000
people (11-28-07).

4. Tim Russert asks all the Democratic candidates to “name their
favorite Bible verse” (MSNBC 9-26-07).

3. John McCain says the Constitution established the United States
as a Christian nation and that he would prefer a Christian president

2. Barack Obama asked a congregation to help him “become an
instrument of God” and join him in creating “a Kingdom right here on
Earth” (10-17-07).

1. Mike Huckabee tells a crowd: “What we need to do is to amend the
Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than try to change God’s
standards” (1-14-08).