April 5, 2023

Jonny Levenfeld, West End Strategy Team; 202-704-4535

Interfaith Alliance President and CEO: Americans Across Faith and Place Must Unite to Combat Antisemitism

WASHINGTON—As Jewish Americans gather to celebrate the first night of Passover, President Biden published an op-ed urging the American people to speak out and act against the alarming rise of antisemitism across the nation. In response, The Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, president and CEO of Interfaith Alliance, released the following statement:

“Jewish Americans will join together around the Seder table tonight to recount the triumph of the Exodus – an evergreen story of hope and perseverance in the face of impossible odds. But day in and day out, we are reminded that hate against Jewish people continues to rear its ugly head.

“We applaud President Biden for committing a whole-of-government approach to root out the scourge of antisemitic bigotry and violence. But as he reminds us, that’s not enough. It’s on all of us to unite across faiths and lines of difference to dismantle the machinery that divides us against one another.”

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