Our Response to Violent White Supremacist Rally in VA

“The bigotry and violence on display in Charlottesville, Virginia must be denounced by all political leaders in no uncertain terms.”

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Interfaith Alliance Elects Jacob Worenklein New Board Chair

“I joined Interfaith Alliance because I believe in the critical work it is doing to protect religious freedom and other constitutional rights for all Americans.”

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President Jack Moline Speaking against Refugee Ban

We have a government that is trying to legislate what it means to be faithful–faithful to America, faithful to a particular religious perspective.  

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Supreme Court Sides with Religious Right in Church Funding Case

“Today’s decision sets a dangerous precedent for religious freedom in the United States.”

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Democracy Not Theocracy

“On this day designated as the National Day of Prayer, President Trump would do well to remember that we are a nation of laws, not prayers. Worship is a protected right of each American, but it is neither a campaign tactic nor subject to the direction of any government official, including the president of the United States.”

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State Of Belief

Each week, the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy offers listeners critical analysis of the news of religion and politics, and seeks to provide listeners with an understanding and appreciation of religious liberty.