This year, Faith for Pride is back.

As hate becomes more vocal, visible, and violent, Faith for Pride is placing a critical new emphasis on the unique, important role that faith communities can play in defending LGBTQ+ communities and Pride celebrations from anti-LGBTQ+ hate and extremism. This Pride month, equip yourself to show up as a force for de-escalation, solidarity, and reporting of violent extremism.

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Interfaith Alliance in the News

“While this year it is still important for religious folks to hold pride services in our congregations, it is not enough,” Alliance President Paul Raushenbush said.

Introducing the Interfaith Leadership Network

We brought together a select group of diverse faith leaders from across the country to form a strong, collaborative network to advance civil rights and religious freedom.

Sr. Director of Field & Organizing Maureen and CEO Paul Ruashenbush hold Democracy Not Theocracy signs in a convention exhibit booth.

Intern with Interfaith Alliance This Summer!

As Interfaith Alliance continues to grow, we are searching for candidates with diverse backgrounds to help us build a resilient, inclusive democracy. We are currently hiring several positions!

Interfaith Alliance Kicks Off 2024 Election Efforts

We are mobilizing through voting rights advocacy, voter education, election protection, and poll and social media monitoring.

Interfaith Alliance Counters Hate and Discrimination

With hate crimes at unparalleled levels and the threat of Christian nationalism on the rise, now more than ever, we must join together to make clear that hate has no place in our communities.

Protect Our Freedom to Read

Join us in standing up against efforts to ban books and attack the foundations of our democracy, targeting books about minority faiths and ethnicities, LGBTQ+ identity, racism, and history.

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The State of Belief Podcast

Every week, host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush is in conversation with the most fascinating and impactful civic and religious leaders across the country, casting a vision for a just and welcoming nation, while protecting our democracy from the threat of extremism and bigotry in any form.

State of Belief celebrates the creative contributions our diverse belief systems can offer for the future and invites listeners to join together as we build a nation with liberty and justice for all.

This week’s episode

State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with United Church of Christ pastor Rev. Kimble Sorrells and Lanie Cohen of Keshet about the importance of faith communities showing up for their LGBTQ+ siblings.


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We are mobilizing people with diverse religion and belief across the country who are forging diverse alliances to build democracy not theocracy and to celebrate not discriminate – join the movement!


Your gift will support our work in communities across the country and Washington, D.C. to forge powerful and diverse alliances to advance inclusive religious freedom, civil rights, and dignity for all

Updates From Our National Network

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Whether you are part of an existing interfaith organization or an informal group of activists, we invite you to consider becoming part of our affiliate network.

New law in Florida attempting to silence queer youth

New laws and policies in Florida have silenced queer youth in the state. But an event hosted by Interfaith Alliance of Southwest Florida and GLSEN Collier County will make sure their voices are heard.

Chaplains in schools: Bad for students and democracy

OpED: As clergy members, we believe inserting chaplains in place of professional counselors into our schools is a grave threat to democracy and to the well-being of children across the state.

Letter: Freedom of religion crucial

“We will work with our many wonderful neighbors of different faiths and perspectives to ensure that future generations will enjoy the freedoms-including freedom of religion-we take for granted today.”

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Interfaith Alliance is committed to protecting the integrity of religion and democracy in the United State. Through advocacy and education efforts, building relationships with policymakers, and partnering with other faith and civic groups, we unite diverse voices to uphold our shared values and challenge discrimination and extremism.

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