Join us to celebrate the life of Rev. C Welton Gaddy

Welton stood as a source of inspiration to many. He showed us that it was possible to hold on to our faith while also fighting for the rights of others who did not share our religious tradition.

Interfaith Alliance and Interfaith Alliance of Southwest Florida are grieving for those impacted by the recent deadly white supremacist attack in Jacksonville and are imploring elected leaders to take action.
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We are mobilizing on multiple fronts, including in the courts, public policy advocacy, voter and candidate education, and poll and social media monitoring.
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Our public schools should be places where every student feels welcome regardless of their religious or nonreligious beliefs. That is why Interfaith Alliance is mobilizing to protect students of all backgrounds and beliefs.
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Religion News Service to Distribute Interfaith Alliance’s Long-Running Religion and Democracy Podcast.
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We must work together to combat this growing threat.
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On Wednesday, October 18th at 10:00 am ET, tune into our livestream from Capitol Hill for an urgent briefing on the dangers book bans pose to our communities with honorary host Representative Jamie Raskin, and what people of faith can do to protect our public education system and libraries, and in turn, the foundations of our democracy.

State of Belief Podcast

Every week, host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush is in conversation with the most fascinating and impactful civic and religious leaders across the country, casting a vision for a just and welcoming nation, while protecting our democracy from the threat of extremism and bigotry in any form.

State of Belief celebrates the creative contributions our diverse belief systems can offer for the future and invites listeners to join together as we build a nation with liberty and justice for all.

This week’s episode

State of Belief host Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush talks with Greg Garrett, author of the new book The Gospel According to James Baldwin; and Religion News Service journalists Adelle Banks and Jack Jenkins.

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We are mobilizing people with diverse religion and belief across the country who are forging diverse alliances to build democracy not theocracy and to celebrate not discriminate – join the movement!

Your gift will support our work in communities across the country and Washington, D.C. to forge powerful and diverse alliances to advance inclusive religious freedom, civil rights, and dignity for all.

Updates From Our National Network

Whether you are part of an existing interfaith organization or an informal group of activists, we invite you to consider becoming part of our affiliate network. We can support and empower you to build bridges across religious differences and protect true religious freedom.
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For those new to grassroots work, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Partnering Against Hate, a project of Interfaith Alliance, is designed to help guide groups and individuals who want to do more to make their communities safer and more inclusive.
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Based in Naples, Florida, the Interfaith Alliance of Southwest Florida is made up of people of many faiths and no faith, clergy, and lay members of diverse faith communities. We come together because of our shared commitment to inclusive religious freedom and democracy.
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In a recent OpEd, Rabbi Abby Jacobson, President of Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma, writes, “Oklahoma parents are desperate. Religious charter schools aren’t the answer.”
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Interfaith Alliance is committed to protecting the integrity of religion and democracy in the United State. Through advocacy and education efforts, building relationships with policymakers, and partnering with other faith and civic groups, we unite diverse voices to uphold our shared values and challenge discrimination and extremism.

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