Interfaith Alliance Foundation honors individuals who, through their brave and selfless acts, have defended religious liberty and improved our society with  the Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award.

In addition to being a respected journalist and one of the most trusted men in America,  Walter Cronkite was a committed supporter of Interfaith Alliance Foundation.  His willingness to speak out against the tactics of the religious right and support our work of promoting the positive and healing role of faith in public life have been instrumental in ensuring our continued growth and effectiveness.  In 1998, Interfaith Alliance Foundation publicly thanked Mr. Cronkite for his courage and support by establishing the Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award.

The Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award honors individuals of faith and goodwill who stand up for religious freedom and demonstrate the constructive force of religion in American life.  The Award recognizes those whose courageous actions embody the values of civility, tolerance, and cooperation in the advancement of public dialogue and public policy on traditionally controversial issues.  This Award is a demonstration of our appreciation for individual accomplishment in our movement within the past year, rather than a lifetime achievement award.

2017 Interfaith Alliance Walter Cronkite Faith and Freedom Award

Past Award Recipients

Champions of Faith and Freedom – Gala Review 2012