Protect Our Freedom to Read

A coordinated national censorship campaign – with deep ties to the Christian nationalist movement – is banning books and attacking the foundations of our democracy, targeting books about minority faiths and ethnicities, LGBTQ+ identity, racism, and history. Congress has an opportunity now to take a stand for our kids and for the First Amendment by supporting the Banned Books Resolution. Tell Congress: Sponsor the Banned Books Resolution.

It’s time for people of faith and conscience to speak out in support of our freedom to read.

Book bans are spreading at a breakneck pace. Since 2021, nearly six thousand books have been banned in public schools and libraries. It gets worse: faith is being used as an excuse to censor books about LGBTQ+ identity and books that grapple with racism, slavery, the Holocaust, and other painful but foundational parts of our history.

Interfaith Alliance is leading the faith fight to protect the freedom to read in our schools and libraries. As people of faith and conscience, we believe that we must acknowledge and learn about our diversity and history so that all people have the freedom to be their full selves, to believe as they choose, and to live without fear of harm or discrimination – and we have a responsibility to fight back. Urge your members of Congress to join this fight and sponsor the Banned Books Resolution

Interfaith Alliance Joins Rep. Raskin for Press Conference on the Hill

Interfaith Alliance and President and CEO Rev. Paul Raushenbush proudly stood with congressional champions of free speech and diversity in front of the U.S. Capitol as they introduced a new resolution reaffirming that censorship undermines our democracy.

Banned Beliefs Primer

Our nation’s public schools and libraries are building blocks for an inclusive, participatory
democracy, where exposure to new ideas allows students to flourish and grow. Read this primer from Interfaith Alliance to learn more about how book bans threaten religious freedom, democracy, and our public schools.

50 Banned Books Featuring Religious Minorities

Book bans censor diverse viewpoints, specifically impacting the diversity of the American people, including religious diversity. Many of the titles being banned in schools and libraries are about minority faiths, which is a threat to religious freedom. Courtesy of our partners at PEN America, here is a list of 50 banned books featuring religious minorities.

Banned Books Week on State of Belief

Since 2021, a coordinated campaign to censor certain literature, curricula, and ideas has spread like wildfire across American public schools and libraries. Join Rev. Paul Ruashenbush in conversation with Tracie D. Hall, Executive Director of the American Library Association, and Sabrina Baêta with Freedom to Read at PEN America