Despite Biden being Public Enemy No. 1 for most conservative evangelical leaders in America, news of the U.S. House approving a formal impeachment inquiry against Biden did not elicit immediate comment from the foremost evangelical leaders or ministries.

Nothing from Alliance Defending Freedom. Nothing from Focus on the Family. Nothing from Robert Jeffress. Nothing from Franklin Graham. Nothing from the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Nothing from Al Mohler.

The only apparent same-day reaction from a religious leader came from Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, president of Interfaith Alliance, who opposes the effort to impeach the president.

“It is disheartening to hear of today’s planned House impeachment vote, which is a frivolous political maneuver that seems more focused on scoring points than upholding its members’ duty as our elected representatives,” he said before the vote was taken. “The unfortunate reality is that many of our representatives seem willing to abuse the Constitution for short-term gains, eroding the very foundation that holds our democracy together.

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