December 13, 2022

Jonny Levenfeld, West End Strategy Team; 202-704-4535

 Interfaith Alliance Celebrates Historic Signing of Respect For Marriage Act

WASHINGTON—After the President signed the Respect for Marriage into law today, religious freedom advocates are celebrating an historic day for justice and equality, and applauding the determined activism from multifaith Americans which helped get this bill over the finish line. The Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, president and CEO of Interfaith Alliance, released the following statement:

“Marriage will be protected for millions of couples across the country in large part thanks to the steadfast support from diverse faith communities. This achievement is a shining example of our power to wield faith as a bridge, not a bludgeon.

“Interfaith Alliance is honored to join President Biden at the White House for this historic signing, and we look forward to continuing our work with leaders on both sides of the aisle to further an inclusive vision of religious freedom.”

The wide consensus among diverse faith traditions in support of the Respect for Marriage Act was unprecedented. Interfaith Alliance led 45 denominations and faith-based organizations, representing millions of Americans, in a joint statement affirming their support for the bill. In addition, Interfaith Alliance spearheaded a letter to Senate leaders alongside four major Christian denominations and a broad group of multifaith partners applauding the robust religious freedom protections added by the Senate.

Interfaith Alliance champions an inclusive vision of religious freedom and has long promoted the principle that LGBTQ+ equality and religious freedom are complementary – not contradictory – values. If you are interested in speaking further with Interfaith Alliance, please contact Jonny Levenfeld at 202-704-4535 or

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