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Navigating the Intersection of Religion & Politics
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The Interfaith Alliance’s Election Year Resources
The Interfaith Alliance is making a difference in America by promoting the positive and healing role of religion in public life; encouraging civic participation; facilitating community activism; and challenging religious political extremism. However, religion’s powerful healing force can be severely compromised when America’s shared values are replaced by values that advance only particular sectarian interests.

TIA’s Election Year program – One Nation, Many Faiths – analyzes and interprets the role that religion plays in an election year and seeks to establish a partnership between religion and government that preserves the autonomy of houses of worship and ensures that religious institutions are not held accountable to the priorities and interests of political candidates.

Election Year Guides For Candidates AND Religious Leaders
The guide for religious leaders offers legal and ethical counsel on how religious leaders, congregations and religious institutions may appropriately participate in the electoral process. The guide for political candidates describes proper and improper ways to incorporate religious language and references into campaigns.

One Nation, Many Faiths also educates Americans that their personal religious beliefs can and should find public expression through thoughtful involvement in the electoral process.

Additional Information:

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