WASHINGTON – Today the Department of Justice and Department of Education issued guidance to school districts across the country on protecting the rights of transgender students. This historic move comes just days after the Administration filed a lawsuit against North Carolina’s discriminatory House Bill 2 and a powerful statement of support for the transgender community from Attorney General Loretta Lynch. In response to these developments, Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, released this statement:

“The Administration’s actions to protect the rights of transgender students across the country embody the fundamental contours of the Constitution: every individual has the right to express their identity free from fear of bigotry or discrimination, and no one’s comfort deserves protection over another’s equality. No matter whether antipathy toward transgender Americans is motivated by ignorance or a particular – misguided, I believe – theological understanding of gender, neither has a place in our public schools.

“Our nation is once again at a crossroads. Will our moral compass guide us toward the voices of inclusion and human dignity or toward the forces of cruelty? Today’s administrative action represents a powerful step down the path toward equality.”

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