Washington, DC – Following the tragic bombings in Brussels, Interfaith Alliance president, Rabbi Jack Moline, called on candidates to offer serious solutions to our nation’s safety and security needs rather than offer suggestions that abandon our constitutional principals.

“Yesterday’s bombing of civilian targets in Brussels is another devastating moment in the fight against terrorism. It again reminds us all that we yet face serious threats to our safety and security. And it is a reminder that we need serious leaders with practical solutions that can actually achieve the goal of greater security. Sadly, some of our presidential candidates fell short of that goal yesterday. Instead they chose to use this tragic moment to suggest violating the rights of religious minorities. Senator Ted Cruz suggested that we ‘patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods.” Donald Trump proposed ‘we change our laws’ to allow for torture.

“Our America, the one worth fighting for, protects the rights that are at the very foundation of our democracy, and does not abandon them in the name of political expediency. My appreciation is deep to Governor Kasich, Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders for their constructive reactions.”

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