Interfaith Alliance Condemns OK Lawmakers for Rejecting Quran Gift

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Legislators “Out of Touch” in Labeling All Muslims as Terrorists

Washington, DC – The Interfaith Alliance joined with its two Oklahoma chapters in criticizing 24 members of the Oklahoma Legislature who have declined a copy of the Quran given as a gift by the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Committee.

“It is surprising to me that a gesture of interfaith understanding like this would be treated with such blatant disregard. The Muslim community in Oklahoma deserves to be treated with more respect by their elected officials,” said Interfaith Alliance President, the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy. “This gesture is as insulting as it is ignorant. I am proud to be associated with the members of The Interfaith Alliance’s two Oklahoma chapters who have shown such leadership on this issue.”

Rev. Gaddy went on to say, “Rep. Duncan’s assertion that all Muslims are terrorists demonstrates that he is woefully out of touch with reality. Even President Bush has gone to great lengths praising Islam as a peaceful religion, despite our conflict with Islamic extremists.”

When the controversy over the Quran surfaced, The Interfaith Alliance of Tulsa, a local affiliate of The Interfaith Alliance, was one of the first organizations to pledge its solidarity with the Muslim community of Oklahoma. The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma City also mobilized its supporters to write letters to the editor on this issue.

“I am very pleased that so many people from diverse faith traditions have rallied around the Muslim community of Oklahoma,” said Rev. Gaddy. “The Interfaith Alliance of Tulsa and The Interfaith Alliance of Oklahoma City have done an excellent job in promoting the value of religious pluralism.”