Interfaith Alliance President Jack Moline’s Message to Supporters

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First and foremost, the Republic stands. We have a new President-Elect who attained that office in the time-honored and sacred way: he won the election. I know for many who support Interfaith Alliance, this was not the hoped-for outcome. Without question, it raises major concerns about religious freedom in our country.

Once we have all taken a moment to process our new reality, we need to get right back to the task of protecting our values and standing guard against the challenge to religious freedom that is upon us.

Interfaith Alliance will continue to advocate for the true religious freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. We will continue to stand with the LGBTQ community, religious minorities and the disenfranchised. And, we will continue to work against the establishment of any religion by our government.

At the same time, we will encourage Americans to listen carefully to each other. Whatever your faith or belief, there is a healing power within each of us that must be devotedly applied to this divided nation. We will not resolve our differences by demonization.

As we renew our commitment to fight for religious freedom for every American, I ask you to renew your commitment to Interfaith Alliance. Please do so, and generously. Please invite your neighbors to join you. Let us know how we might help increase Interfaith Alliance’s presence in your community.

We congratulate Donald Trump on his victory to the most important and consequential office in the land. We also put him on notice that we will not stand idly by as our religious freedom is chipped away.

And to Mr. Trump himself: We expect you to put aside the divisive rhetoric of your campaign and govern in a way that respects the rights of all Americans. That is the mandate of the President of the United States.