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Washington, DC –Interfaith Alliance President Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy issued the following statement today correcting the record on a letter sent to two of Alabama’s Republican candidates for Governor.

The letter sent to Judge Moore and Mr. Byrne on May 17, 2009 incorrectly attributed a campaign ad attacking Mr. Byrne to Judge Moore himself instead of to an independent PAC. We regret the error but stand by the sentiment of the letter.

Judge Moore has a long history of misusing religion for political purposes. A recent ad released by his campaign includes the line ‘he stands up for God and he never will back down.’

Other examples are easily found.

If Judge Moore is given the honor of serving as Governor of Alabama, it will be his responsibility to stand up for all the people of Alabama, regardless of faith, belief system or the absence of either. As I person of faith and a member of the clergy I feel confident in saying that God will be fine without a public role in Roy Moore’s campaign. 

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