Interfaith Alliance Trains Dozens of Faith and Secular Texas Activists in Advocacy Work

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Interfaith Alliance is committed to supporting grassroots efforts to advance an inclusive vision of religious freedom. The week of January 9th, 2023, Interfaith Alliance team members traveled to Texas to meet with faith and secular activists working to further that vision. The team also engaged local media to champion the importance of religious freedom in Texas. By providing national support for local leadership, Interfaith Alliance is uniting diverse voices to challenge extremism and promote true religious freedom.

Supporting Partners in Interfaith Advocacy 

Faith Forward Dallas and the Thanks-Giving Foundation hosted Interfaith Alliance team members during their time in Texas. Faith Forward Dallas is a diverse coalition of Dallas faith leaders working to provide support through civic engagement and educational partnerships. The Thanks-Giving Foundation also centers connections across faith and identity, and runs Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas, providing the community with an interfaith chapel and other spaces to come together. Both organizations are committed to serving their communities and exemplify the power of interfaith movement-building.  

In partnership with these organizations, Interfaith Alliance conducted training for 15 local faith leaders, including clergy from a variety of faith traditions. Participants learned the elements of interfaith advocacy, empowering each of them with the tools to deliver their compelling messages to the media and advocate to their elected leaders. Developing resources to nurture the aspirations of local partners and activists strengthens all of us as we strive to realize our common goal and protect true religious freedom. Team members also met with the statewide director of American Atheists and other secular partners in the Dallas area to lead efforts to combine faith and secular voices in advocacy. 

Growing our Affiliate Network

Interfaith Alliance offers a suite of coaching to equip our affiliates including communications training, faith-advocacy training, mobilizing against Christian nationalism, and a deep dive on the history of religious freedom. Our goal is to empower our network with the knowledge and tools they need to effect change. 

From the very start, our affiliate network has been a key component of Interfaith Alliance’s work. Some affiliates have long histories and others are just starting out – but they all focus on the issues that directly affect their local communities. For instance, the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa was founded the same year as the national organization and has been working across the state to advocate for racial justice, strong public schools, and fair and impartial courts. Meanwhile, in 2022, the Interfaith Alliance of North Dakota joined as the newest addition to our affiliate network. Leaders are currently traveling across the state, meeting with stakeholders to deepen support for reproductive freedom for North Dakotans of all religions and none. Learn more about our affiliate network here