Nov 15, 2021

Manisha Sunil, West End Strategy Team; Phone: 202-417-0171

Mike Flynn’s Outrageous Statements Contradict the Constitution, Threaten U.S. Democracy
Former Trump advisor’s comments calling for “one religion” demand unequivocal denunciation from Republicans

WASHINGTON—The statements made at a Republican gathering this past Saturday by disgraced former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn calling for “one nation under God, and one religion under God” shock the American conscience. More shocking still is the silence or even embrace those statements received in Republican circles.

“There can be no hesitation or equivocation when it comes to threats against Americans’ religious liberty,” said Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, the only national interfaith organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of both religion and democracy in America. “Flynn’s statements were inflammatory and extremely dangerous; every Republican elected official and candidate has a duty, to the Constitution and their fellow Americans, to denounce those statements in no uncertain terms. I am alarmed that so many have chosen silence over honoring their oath to defend the Constitution and that furthermore, a handful have gone so far as to openly support Flynn’s extremism. Such ideologies have no place in, and indeed threaten, American democracy.

“Our nation stands on a frightening precipice, with political polarization at new extremes and hate crimes at unprecedented heights. Now is not the time to feign ignorance of the implications of comments like Flynn’s—such statements made on national platforms, to the roaring applause of an angry audience, materially endanger every American who does not share Flynn’s narrow, bigoted understanding of Christianity, and our nation’s very foundations.”

Interfaith Alliance calls on all Republicans in or seeking office to unequivocally condemn the statements of Mike Flynn. If you are interested in speaking further with Interfaith Alliance on this issue, please contact Manisha Sunil at (202) 417-0171 or


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