A re-airing of Welton’s interview with Walter Cronkite on the inaugural episode of State of Belief. (July 25th-26th)

Themselves two revolutionary members of the clergy, Bishop Gene Robinson and Bishop Jane Holmes Dixon talk to Welton about what the recent changes in the Episcopal Church say about our society. (August 8th-9th)

Welton talks with Mark Ballard, the reporter from The Advocate (Baton Rouge) who broke the story about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s misuse of taxpayer dollars for helicopter rides to church. (September 5th-6th)

Former Walter Cronkite Faith & Freedom Award honoree Asra Nomani and filmmaker Brittany Huckabee joined Welton to discuss Brittany’s film, The Mosque in Morgantown, chronicling Asra’s efforts for reform in Islam. (June 13th-14th)