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Welton on the Rachel Maddow ShowIt’s been a busy – and not always easy – summer and early fall here in Washington. As I’m sure you know, Walter Cronkite, Interfaith Alliance’s Honorary Chair and a very dear friend of mine, passed away on July 17th. His dedication and thoughtful guidance are sorely missed, but we are determined to carry on the legacy he entrusted to us: protecting faith and freedom for every American. Interfaith Alliance will celebrate that legacy, and the incredible life he led, on November 3rd – the eve of what would have been his 93rd birthday – in New York City. The Roosevelt Hotel will be full of people who loved and respected Walter, and I hope you’ll join us there.

In our second edition of Interfaith Alliance’s e-newsletter, you’ll find articles by our staff on current issues both inside Interfaith Alliance and around the country; a video clip of my friend Welton GaddyRachel Maddow and I discussing Louisiana – my home state – and its governor, who is having some trouble distinguishing between religion and politics; and some links to State of Belief segments our producer thought you should hear. Enjoy.