June 27, 2023

Jonny Levenfeld, West End Strategy Team, 202-704-4535

Interfaith Alliance: Supreme Court’s Rejection of Dangerous Electoral Scheme Prevents Existential Threat to Democracy 

WASHINGTON—Interfaith advocates are celebrating today’s Supreme Court decision in Moore v. Harper, in which the Court rejected a novel – and dangerous – theory that would have upended democratic elections in the United States.

In a historic decision, the Court cast aside an argument from North Carolina lawmakers that state legislatures have the sole authority to regulate federal elections – the so-called “Independent State Legislature Theory.” Notably, this case materialized because of the North Carolina legislature’s determination to codify an egregious, gerrymandered congressional map.

Darcy Hirsh, senior director of policy and advocacy at Interfaith Alliance, released the following statement:

“Today’s ruling reaffirms an ironclad pillar of our democracy: the people – not their legislators – decide elections in America. By rejecting the ‘Independent State Legislature Theory,’ the Court staved off an absolute catastrophe by ensuring the checks and balances of state judicial review.

“That this case made its way to the Court in the first place is a stark warning about the health of American democracy. Until they are held accountable for their anti-democratic actions, we can expect the far-right to continue pushing cynical ploys to privilege some voters over others.

“Americans of many faiths and no faiths share the belief that all people have inherent dignity and worth. In order for us to truly live up to our promise of religious freedom, we must continue fighting to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard equally.”

As the only national interfaith organization dedicated to protecting the integrity of both religion and democracy, Interfaith Alliance rallied against the Independent State Legislature Theory. The organization has long stood for equal access to the ballot box and against schemes to suppress voters from marginalized groups as part of its mission to achieve a multireligious, pluralistic America.

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